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Week 3

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  • Live Session

      The Value of Synchronous  Learning Environments by  

                SYNCH AND SWIM_baw11.odp                              

     Michael made a very good case for synchronous online classes and communication, talking to us on                                        Yahoo Messenger.  Always within the context of blended learning, it was pointed out that synchronous

     communication encourages more immediate involvement  in the learning process, makes the social aspect

     of learning more satisfactory and enhances the sense of community among learners. If used appropriately, 

     synchronous environments can offer a wide range of motivating activities, often in a more convenient,

     practical manner than a face-to-face class. Despite the technological requirements synchronous learning

     requires - in terms of skills and equipment - using such environments can be both rewarding and effective;

     at least, that's been my own experience with synchronous online teaching so far :-)



  • Week 3 Questions    

    • How do you start a conference and invite guests at Yahoo Messenger?
      This is the way to do it: Yahoo Messenger-Actions_ Invite to Conference_ Messenger List_Invite( people you'd like to invite)

    • How do you save your chatlogs to your hard drive at YM?

      Just follow this way: Yahoo M_Actions_Contacts_ Message Archive_Save_ Save in

    • How do you start a conference and invite guests at Skype?

      One way is when you have already started the call that you add people as you go on!The other way is clicking on the contact you want to add and add it to conference!You find the wanted contact, add it to your list and send request so that a person can confirm it.



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